History.uk.com is the world’s largest online directory of people, organisations and places associated with UK history.
Our site includes specialist information and fun history basics. It is designed for use by all ages and abilities. It can be useful for anyone with an interest in history – whether you are planning a holiday, working on a school project, researching a family history, or a professional academic.

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Click on Search to browse through more than 28,000 UK listings with contact information and direct links for everything from hotels to haunted castles, living history communities to record offices, museums to brass rubbing.

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Top stories: Saint Days to sunk ships, top trains to tall towers…

Check out our monthly articles taking a whistle stop tour of some of the best historic interest stories in the UK.
The features are written by an experienced journalist and historian.

DIY History

History comes to life when you get involved and do it yourself. In the DIY History section we show you how to get hands on with the history around us, from cooking to brass rubbing, herbs to family history.

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Links at History.uk.com

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section for regularly updated suggestions of other history web sites to visit. The links can help you to uncover the history of the United Kingdom on the web.


History.uk.com was created by a team of technologists, researchers, journalists and designers based on campus at the University of Sussex. It has taken more than six “person years” to produce and continues to grow.


History.uk.com aims to place contact information for every UK history related organisation into the public domain. Premium listings, with enhanced wording and visuals, are available completely free of charge for any non-profitmaking organisation. Click here to submit details.

Information for commercial ventures seeking a Premium Listing can be found here. If you have any queries about how to gain a listing please email us.

‘Proper’ History

History.uk.com gives everyone a clear and easy route to experts who can help them find out about British history. We believe that the very best sort of history comes when people do the research themselves.

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If you would like to make any suggestions or comments please get in touch. Our details can be found at the Contacts page or you can email us by clicking here.

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