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Traditional Christmas Food Traditional Christmas Food In modern times, there are certain foods we associate with Christmas: Roast Turkey or Goose Christmas Cake with marzipan and icing Satsumas Nuts Chestnuts Mulled Wine Sweets But where did all these ideas come from? During the rest of the year, many of these foods aren’t eaten at all.

Immaculate Conception Immaculate Conception The term “immaculate conception” is often used, in a general sense, to suggest the conception of a child by a woman who has not engaged in sexual intercourse, and specifically to the conception of Jesus by the Virgin Mary. Both usages are incorrect.


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Wassailing Wassailing Wassail is an Old English term meaning “to your health”. Wassailing is one of the oldest traditions and has a huge number of local variations. Its origins are unknown but it is mentioned in texts dating as far back as the 14th century. In one of these texts, the leader of a group […]

The Mistletoe Bough a Christma The Mistletoe Bough

Say Merry Christmas in different la Say Merry Christmas in different languages

Christmas Carols

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Christmas Carols Christmas Carols

Christmas card history Christmas card history

Christmas Tree History Christmas Tree History

The Glastonbury Thorn

Christmas Decorations and tradition Christmas Decorations and traditions – Christian or Pagan?