DIY History


DIY History

History comes to life when you get involved and do it yourself. In this DIY section we show you how to get hands on with the history around us. You do not need fancy equipment to try these activities. Everything required is a household item or cheaply available in shops.


Recipes: Find a taste for the past

The recipes section is dedicated to the art of preparing authentic tasting historic food and drink.

The most recently published recipe is Roman style salad dressing out..

Click here out. for information on our recipes, the history of cooking, past tastes and influences.

Topics and Activities:

Pub signs can point to the past out.

This section looks at the way pub and inn signs can help a local historian trace local links to famous people, places and events.

Genealogy out.
A beginners’ guide to tracing your ancestors. The advice is provided by
Burke’s Peerage and Gentry
out., the world famous genealogy experts.


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Explore Brass rubbing out.
There are approximately 8,000 monumental brasses in churches around the UK. It is easy to make your own lasting copies of these wonderful memorials.

Herbs from the ancient garden out.

Learn about the history of herbs in the UK and browse practical advice on how to create your own herb garden.
Read our guide to find out which herbs were used for seasoning, medicines and aromatic purposes throughout the ages.

Book Reviews out.

Our book review section is devoted to the very best history related books we can find. Some may surprise you!

House History Hunting out.
A beginners’ guide to house history with tips on how to uncover the past life of your home. The expert advice is provided by building historian Jean Manco.

Calligraphy out.
A beginner’s guide looking at the lettering skills of ancient scribes and showing how to make a goose quill pen.

Explore a church out.
Learn how to read the history written in the original layout, architecture and artefacts still visible in churches today.

Historic Clothing out.
A beginner’s guide to historic clothing. What it was made from and how it was made.

Early British Music out.
A brief guide to early British music and its origins.

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